Nobody taught us how to learn.

Discover how to study and become effective at acquiring knowledge.

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Learning and studying is hard.

Difficulty focusing, constant distractions, challenges keeping up and frustration with our progress.

We've felt it all.

It's like nobody ever really taught us the strategies and steps of how to properly learn and acquire knowledge.

In fact, they probably didn't.

Because we're not learning the right way.

Most students struggle with learning because they use ineffective techniques or are poor at managing time.

Stop wasting your time by taking too many notes, rote learning , or wondering why it's so difficult to recall what you just read.

There is a better way to acquire knowledge durably and sustainably, backed by science and research.

Use the science and research.

The empirical evidence and research is clear. Effectively learning requires us to use a system of learning that allows us to plan, monitor and reflect on the way we learn, so that we can continually challenge ourselves and sustainably and durably acquire knowledge.

By understanding how the brain learns, we can organise our learning, implement better techniques, manage time and improve our habits to overcome procrastination and acquire knowledge.

Meta is here to help you learn better

Weekly advice

We share insights and tips based on cognitive science and research to help you plan out your learning, understand how knowledge is formed and use better resources.


Effective learning assessment

A personalised learning assessment to measure the effectiveness of your learning habits and techniques, identify areas of improvement and steps you can take.


The right tool

A simple and intuitive app that will guide you to be more organised, focused, overcome procrastination, and improve your learning habits, activities and results.

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