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Meta helps students and learners to plan, track and improve how they learn. Learn smarter, not harder.

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Nobody taught us how to learn.

Difficulty focusing, constant distractions, challenges keeping up and frustration with our progress.

We've felt it all.

It's like nobody ever really taught us the steps and techniques of how to properly learn.

Because we're not learning the right way.

Most students struggle with learning because they use ineffective techniques or are poor at managing time. Stop wasting time on copious note-taking or memorisation.

Science and research tells us there is a better way to acquire knowledge durably and sustainably.

Learn like the best.

We all know someone who constantly seems to learn faster, remember more and obtain amazing results. No matter how much more effort we put in, we seem to fall short of what these people are capable of. The secret to their success is simple. The best students in the world use learning techniques based on cognitive science, with habits and practices that allow them to save time, retain more knowledge and excel throughout their lives.

Meta helps you become more organised, focused and productive when learning, by applying the habits and strategies of highly effective learners.

Boost your learning with a tool that makes you more effective

Organise your study activities

Never forget where you left off or what to do next for all your subjects.

  • Define your learning goals and milestones

  • Set a study schedule and make learning your priority

  • Manage your learning tasks and todos

Stay focused and motivated

Maintain focus and track your learning with time blocked study sessions.

  • A customisable pomodoro timer to track study sessions

  • See what other are studying and learn alongside them

  • Rate and evaluate your study sessions

Discover how to properly learn

Access evidence based learning strategies and principles to learn better

  • Access a library of evidence based learning techniques

  • Obtain learning advice based on your goals

  • See insights and analytics on how you learn

Here to help you learn better

Meta is under development right now.

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